What is the difference between the Mafia and the State?

What is the difference between the Mafia and the State?

A trawl though a Google search to find a definitive answer to the above question proves to be quite interesting. Some comments on the question including my own are reprinted below. That the question is being asked by so many people from America and Britain in the first place is in itself a firm indication of how many people have lost faith in their so-called democracies, particularly in light of their governments proclaimed plans for their populations, which include round the clock mass surveillance and laws that totally infringe upon almost everything people do from when they get up in the morning to their going to bed at night.

Until relatively recent years most people simply accepted that their ‘elected’ governments simply tried to do what was in the best interests of the majority of people and pretty much left it at that. Of course they realized that some of their politicians were corrupt and always had been but as simple bystanders there was little to nothing that they could do about it other than hope that the law would eventually bring the worst of the political crooks to justice.

The few political dissidents that did manage to get their views heard were few and far between, and these views were quickly discounted and disparaged by the ‘state mainstream media’ which soon labeled them as pinkos or outright communists who were out to bring repression and tyranny to anyone who supported them. Indeed, almost any criticism of ‘the state’ could lead a dissident into being ostracized and possibly put into prison if the ‘state security services’ felt threatened in any way. But mostly the media simply ignored dissidents or called them crackpots and not worthy of being listened to.

The advent of the Internet and a good measure of free speech quickly brought about a change in that political dissidents were in fact far from being just a few; indeed it soon became very clear that dissent with politicians and government in general was huge to say the least. This was far more apparent in the United States than in Britain because in spite of press bias towards favoring government Americans still had more free speech than Britain where ‘official secrets acts’ still kept any real alternative news from ever being printed in the national press, as they still do today.

As a result a deluge of information concerning the lack of real democracy, as promised by their ‘constitution’, many Americans soon came to realize that they did not have the kind of freedom and democracy that their politicians frequently boasted about. This became more apparent still when the George W. Bush regime essentially tore up their treasured constitution, and more so later when their next president, Barack Obama wiped his arse with what was left of it.

The advent of these two presidential clowns brought home the fact that they and their wealthy backers had turned America into a police state that is dominated by multinational industrialists and bankers who have bought enough politicians to run the government as their very own, which it now is. So essentially the mafia and the government do the same thing, accept the state kills far more people. Only the unjust laws which the corrupted government brings in at will makes the state legitimate, and the mafia illegitimate? Indeed multinational corporations have a lot more in common with the mafia than government. Their immense size and power enables them to get away with just about anything, so in effect the multinationals have become nothing less than a new mafia and by owning the government they have millions of ‘foot soldiers – the police’ and their capo’s are top politicians who order their ‘trigger men – the security services’ to take out or kill anyone they deem to be a threat to their criminal enterprises.

These various criminal enterprises, though ‘legalized’ include everlasting wars after which the American and British governments can and do take over and control any country’s assets they desire, which run into the billions of dollars and pounds, plus the mass murder of millions of people worldwide which is a part of the governments desired aim to depopulate the world of 80% of its population.

These mass killings are being described as ‘humanitarian interventions’ by the political psychopaths in Washington and London after which the multinationals make billions more in profits by them supposedly ‘rebuilding’ all the towns and cities they have destroyed in their endless wars. Indeed when looked at closely the difference between our present government and the mafia, there are more similarities than differences.

My own experiences lead me to the firm conclusion that our presidents and prime ministers along with their ‘governments’ are in reality no more than puppets controlled by the ruling elites who to my mind have proven themselves to be the most evil people on our earth, primarily concerned with their own wealth and power. They consider the rest of humanity to be little more than cattle and until people get up off their knees and begin to think and reason for themselves these monsters will continue to dominate us.
As another writer recently stated; “Both government and the mafia collect protection money, though a ‘government’ prefers to call such collections ‘taxes’. Yet both are ready with threats of dire consequences if you don’t pay up. Both mafia and government also use force to get what they want. The amount of force is very comparable when the organizations are scaled to the same size. Government uses violence against a lot of people. The Mafia also uses violence against a lot of people, and they both provide a small layer of legitimacy in the services that they provide.”
Governments say that their taxes protect us from being invaded, but who in hell is going to attack the USA or Britain with their massive weapon systems, all of which is vastly overpriced in favor of the corporations who make them? These taxes also pay for brutal cops and the criminal ‘security services’ who protect the wealthy 1% while making sure that the rest of us are kept in relative poverty.
As another writer commented; “The dividing line between a government and a mafia begin to get blurred when a government, which collects protection money, fails to protect. It is at such a time that the mafia begins to look more lawful than the government. That explains to a great extent why a slum-dweller, who is usually not a very powerful, rich or privileged person, often runs not to the police, but to the local slumlord for protection. If his daughter is in danger of molestation, he runs once again, to the slumlord for protection and safety.”
“A law school professor of mine once said the only major difference between the government and the mafia is that the government calls its bill collector the “IRS” and the mafia calls its bill collector “Big Louie.”
So the only difference between a government and a criminal protection racket is the word mafia? The government says its taxes are legitimate. But in practice, many people view the government and its taxes as being unacceptable, whereas they view the mafia as being morally unacceptable.”
Other writers quoted; “Government regimes use public education, propaganda, judicial decisions (rendered by the government’s own judges), political elections, public hearings, and other artifices to imbue the people with the idea that their rulers are legitimate authorities taking legitimate actions. Many if not all of these justificatory efforts are highly questionable, if not entirely bogus, and none of them represents decisive evidence of the people’s consent to be ruled as they are by the rulers who dominate them.”
“Widespread resignation signifies that most people would rather endure the government’s robbery and bullying than openly resist it at the risk of injury, imprisonment, and death. The people’s acquiescence, in many cases is a sort of sullen, resentful, implicit surrender that hardly endows the rulers with any moral approbation. Indeed, even in the countries with the greatest degree of popular political participation, the bulk of the people may look upon the governing politicians and bureaucrats with ill-concealed contempt and sometimes with openly expressed hatred.”
“If a government succeeds in remaining in power for a long time, however, many people may come to accept it simply by force of habit. In some eyes, it will be seen as beyond question merely because it has “always been there” and its actions amount to “how things are.” People of conservative cast of mind may actually believe that antiquity alone is not only a sufficient but also a compelling basis for the approval and preservation of established institutions. Even great liberal philosophers such as David Hume and, in our own time, Anthony de Jasay consider rights to be nothing but conventions that have somehow become established over long periods and thereby have acquired their bona fides and their demonstrated evolutionary fitness in a society’s successful functioning. To be sure, many people get used to things as they are, even when these things are irrational and abusive.”
“In any event, the ostensible bright-line demarcation of legitimacy that separates the government from ordinary criminal gangs fades and blurs under close inspection. It does not disappear completely, however, because for some portion of the ruled population, the government’s efforts to sell its legitimacy do succeed. These beguiled individuals are the ones who volunteer for service in the government’s palace guards—its armed forces, police, and other agencies of physical violence and intimidation—and who willingly send their children to be sacrificed in the government’s foreign wars and other adventures. They provide, as it were, legions of “essential idiots,” parallel to the “useful idiots” among the intelligentsia, who fight on the government’s behalf in the war of ideas and ideologies.
It’s generally agreed that government is a legitimate form of using force while mafia is an illegitimate form. Government is supposed to help the people of the area while mafia is intended to exploit the area. These lines aren’t quite so black and white when you look at the facts though. There is a surprising similarity between mafia and government that normally doesn’t get considered by mainstream sources.
We can all come up with our own conclusions on this one. The similarities are obvious. Does that mean that they’re both completely illegitimate? I personally don’t think so but the argument could be made. Mafia and government are both organizations that use violence to get what they need. It could even be said that government is just a generationally entrenched mafia.
It is said that the only real difference between the government and the mafia is that the mafia turns a profit. Others say that it is only a matter of size! Then there’s the saying difference between the Mafia and the Government? Only one of them is organized.”
Extortion and Racketeering
“First, let’s get down to definitions. What does the Mafia do? Where do they get their income? How do they fund and maintain their operations?
The Mafia operates a number of different types of businesses. All of these may be described as various types of rackets. A racket is, quite simply, an illegal business. Typical rackets include any business which has been banned by government, and is therefore illegal. Examples include: prostitution, sale of stolen goods, gambling, trade in illegal drugs, trade in illegal weapons, and many others.
Perhaps the most well-known variety of racket, often portrayed in films about the Mafia, is the “Protection Racket.” This particular racket is a form of extortion. So what is extortion? Extortion is obtaining money or property by threat to a victim’s property or loved ones, intimidation, or false claim of a right.
So what is the real difference between government and organized crime? In my opinion it is the ability to amass force against the victims. Organized crime may be able to get 20 or 30 guys together to run a neighborhood. The government can get hundreds of thousands.
Case in point; how many people if they were told that they have a tax burden placed on them by the government would ‘voluntarily’ pay that tax if they were also told no one will bother them if they did not pay it? Besides the exception to the rule the vast majority will not. So why do we pay taxes to the government? We do so because if we do not men with guns will show up at our door and take our belongings, take our home, and possibly put us in a cell for years and years. This is called coercion, doing something out of fear of the consequences of not doing it, even when we would not otherwise do so.”
“So here’s the deal. The difference–the SOLE difference–between the Mafia and the state is that the state has managed, through nonsense logic and “propaganda language,” to convince enough of you terrified children of its legitimacy that you allow it to go about its business of aggression without too much resistance.”
So there it is. My own personal view of the American and British governments is that – in spite of their denials, they are both vast criminal organizations and after witnessing their lies and deceptions for most of my long life I personally wouldn’t trust either of them for one second!
Considering that writers and bloggers can now be called terrorists and afterward tortured and murdered by ‘governments’ simply for wring the truth as they see it, I shall leave the names of contributors to this article, including my own, unnamed.

Ten Commandments of the Mafia – video
American Dictators – video

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