David Cameron Exposed – He is a fascist to the core!

David Cameron Exposed – He is a fascist to the core!
The recent speeches by UK Prime Minister David Cameron clearly show his true psychopathic nature along with his fascist plans for the future British state. That he is so desperately trying to cover-up government crimes, both past and present is obvious as his intent to try and prevent any investigation of himself and the sheer criminality of his security service’s MI5and MI6, both of whom have been deeply involves in massive election rigging and gross human rights crimes both in Britain and abroad.
Cameron’s latest speech’s in which he claims that Britain should have nothing to do with the European Court of Human Rights highlights his attempts to hide British Governments crimes from any form of exposure. Added to that intent is his desire to criminalize anyone who dares to tell what they believe to be the truth about government malfeasance, particularly the London 7/7 bombings and the American 9/11 false flag attacks that has directly led to so many wars and millions of deaths in the Middle East and indirectly to the banking scandals which have brought many countries to near or actual ruin and bankruptcy.
That Cameron should threaten the British public with ten years in prison simply because they refuse to accept government lies and deceptions is outrageous! Only a fascist extremist would dare to propose such a monstrous denial of human rights and free speech. Yet this latest call to quell any form of dissent is just the thin edge of a wide fascist agenda under which the far right seeks to control the minds and bodies of British citizens from the cradle to the grave. Should this threat become law it will automatically turn all political dissenters into so-called terrorists. It follows that the government’s next step would be to claim that dissenters families are also guilty of supporting terrorism after which they too could be arrested and sent to prison for many years. Don’t for one minute think that these innocent families could be protected. The corrupt police and their many thousands of informers would quickly dream up enough lies and deceptions to demonize and frame into criminality anybody they wanted to get rid of.
Cameron’s proclaimed idol, the late Margaret Thatcher, would no doubt be delighted at his insane rhetoric were she still alive, thankfully she is not. However, Thatcher’s hatred of the common British public lives on and unfortunately it continues to inspire government fascists everywhere.
The British public has a bad habit of continually voting against their own best interests and should they continue to do so at the next election Britain’s police-state will become even more firmly entrenched. Any form of free speech uttered by anyone that doesn’t uncritically accept and praise the government and its puppet politicians will probably mean a visit from MI5 and the loss of their job at the very least, with torture and a spell in jail a definite probability. And as usual the British media will remain silent. Britain’s prostituted journalists should be throughly ashamed of themselves. Compared to their American counterparts, with apologies to the handful that aren’t, are cowardly and idiotic.
Dr. Les Dove

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