The British torture machine takes many forms all of which are protected by multi-layers of covert censorship. I wrote my first torture report early in the 80’s then revised and enlarged it over the years until 2013 publishing the final version of torture inside Britain on Word Press where it has been read by people all over the world. That report included the names of almost a hundred victims and that final report was sent to the British media and all of the so-called human rights organizations in that country. None of whom acknowledged receiving the report nor did any of them comment on it as they haven’t commented on the evidence of other human rights researchers detailing torture in the UK, including the mass of evidence provided by Dr. Barrie Trowers. As is usual in the United Kingdom any reports of torture inside that country are studiously ignored.
The British security services MI5, MI6 and GCHQ are totally unaccountable, in spite of their many claims to the contrary, they lie to everybody including the Prime Minister and MP’s plus everyone else as a matter of course. Britain’s puppet politicians readily believe almost anything told to them by the security services so MI5’s denial of complicity in carrying out torture inside Britain are rarely if ever questioned and never reported by the ‘state’ media, when in fact their security services have been deeply involved in the torture of British subjects for at least forty years.
MI5’s prime duty appears to lay in protecting Britain’s ‘image’ and the despot known as their queen, who is the richest person in the entire world. People like myself who dare to speak and write the truth about the British police-state are persecuted and tortured because we are said to be an ‘embarrassment’ to the country. That Britain should be embarrassed at persecuting, torturing and murdering people simply because of their political views never seems to occur to the fascist degenerates that control the country.
Now that the United States has finally began to publish its own torture reports, only some of them so far, none of which has yet gone into detail about the torture of political dissidents inside America, British politicians have and are going to great lengths in trying to prevent their willing cooperation in aiding and supporting the vast terror machine that the CIA has inflicted on the world at large, including British citizens I should add. That the American media, which unlike Britain does allow a genuine alternative press, might at some point reveal the CIA’s close security ties and therefore its vast crimes inside the United Kingdom along with its British counterparts in MI5 / MI6 and GCHQ is terrifying the totally corrupt establishment upon which the monarchy depends for its support. That the British Security Services are just as evil and rotten as other torturers anywhere else in the world is something the British cannot comprehend, as yet.
Should such an exposure final occur the British public, ignorant of the true state of their country, might at last have their eyes opened wide enough for them to realize how they have been fooled and abused by the thousands of psychopathic idiots in their queens security services along with the many thousands of police informers and agent-provocateurs all over the country who have over many years past framed truth-tellers and brave journalists into either leaving the country or being put into prison, possibly for the rest of their lives.
Indeed, as the present fascist British Fascist Prime Minister David Cameron recently stated; journalists and other writers must believe his political lies or be prepared to face a ten years jail sentence! And no he is not kidding he is deadly serious. If you doubt it I suggest you go to his dammed country and try to write the truth yourself.
Whatever, the real question now that some of America’s and British horrors are being revealed to the world at large, is what is going to happen now? The heads of state of these despicable torturing countries are supposed to be responsible for the crimes committed by the people they employ in whatever capacity, so are those heads of state going to be brought to justice to pay for their horrendous crimes against humanity as they rightly should be, or are they going to ‘get away with it’ as they usually do?
Don’t hold your breath.

Dr. Les Dove

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CIA torture report: at least the Americans came clean. In Britain, no one is held to account
“These Are Crimes”: New Calls to Prosecute Bush Admin as Senate Report Reveals Brutal CIA Torture – video

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