The British Criminal Monarchy

The British monarchy has now finally been revealed for what it really is; a vast criminal organization that worldwide has been responsible for the death of many millions of men, women and children; people who were never considered as human beings but simply objects that stood in the way of whatever was regarded as progress by wealthy fascist elites.

Utterly brainwashed by a continuous cascade of lies and deceptions going back for decades the British public is going to have a hard time in comprehending let alone accepting the fact that their so-called ‘royal family’ were and is nothing but a bunch of murdering crooks and criminals. If the British people really do wish to have a free country with real justice and honest laws for all they are going to have to come to terms with the obvious and make very sure that their despotic ‘queen’ does get arrested for crimes against humanity and is imprisoned as international law now demands.

The many royalist sycophants including a vastly corrupted mob of perverted criminals known as the Queens Security Services will most certainly do everything within their power structure to try and prevent anything close to true democracy ever appearing in Britain, yet if they can also be brought to justice for their own crimes against humanity the many millions of decent plain speaking British people including a few honest and intelligent journalists will at last have a possibility of seeing how many of those good people have been sidelined, persecuted and indeed murdered simply because of their insistence on telling the truth about the British police-state as they saw and have experienced it. For that to happen however the media in Britain will also have to be set free to print and publish real information instead of the loathsome ass licking drivel they do now. Much suppression in Britain has remained hidden and unrevealed concerning rigged elections and phony puppet politicians put into office and kept there by MI5 to carry out their own agendas, whose shear idiocy has not only robbed people of the life they rightly deserve but has also brought the country to the edge of bankruptcy making it the laughing stock of every honest financial expert in the world. The above is just one of many reasons David Cameron, the present fascist prime minister, it desperately trying to push through a blatantly fascist law that will label all truth seeking writers as ‘terrorists’ liable to indefinite imprisonment.

Wither the British people have the courage and tenacity to finally get off their knees to rise up and fight to take back their country is open to question. Being politically suppressed for as long as they have it won’t be easy for them by any means and I certainly have my own doubts about their ability to do so but miracles do sometimes happen so there is always hope. Maybe the thought of a decent future and a far better life and future for themselves and their families will help to spur them along. Time alone will tell?

As many independent media outlets around the world have been publishing the facts of Britain’s huge elite murdering pedophilia network and other associated monarchy scandals the mainstream media in England has remained mainly aloof as usual leaving their readers almost completely in the dark as to the most damaging royalist exposures, which is usually the case when their so-called queen is put under the microscope by foreign journalists who are not so heavily censored as are their British counterparts. Were it not for David Icke and his excellent informative Website plus the outspoken Richie Allen radio show the people inside Britain would quite apparently know next to nothing at all about the disgusting people who are running their country.

Sadly to say these present exposures are simply the tip of a vast iceberg of crimes that have over the years been committed in Britain by the monarchy its many syncopates and their totally corrupted security services. If the state media can finally be woken up and allowed to expose the full truth of the UK secret-state the sheer scale of its elite criminality will vibrate around the entire world which could eventually be followed by many hundreds if not thousands of people being charged and hopefully imprisoned for all manner of terrible gross human rights abuses including mass torture and murder.

That the British ‘queen’ has now been internationally charged and found guilty of crimes against humanity has to my knowledge not even been mentioned by the mainstream British press, let alone the fact of the police in that country not making any attempts to actually do their job by placing the evil woman under arrest as International law demands. Which of course their police might just be forced into doing if the public were fully informed about their royalist crimes, which is yet another reason their incompetent corrupt politicians are trying to silence and prevent journalists and other writers from exposing anything they may find embarrassing.

Having been politically mind-controlled for so long the British people are finally, if slowly, regaining their proper senses. Their super-rich evil Queen may well be the richest woman in the world with her own private armies and SAS death squads, but that could count for nothing when and if she ever goes abroad again. Many governments overseas who have suffered at the hands of the British Crown would I believe have little or no hesitation at all in placing the arch criminal pedophiles Queen Elizabeth and her husband under immediate arrest the moment they step on their shores.

The deeply insidious microwave torture techniques that have and are increasingly being used on thousands of people in Britain, the United States and elsewhere in the world, were specifically designed to protect the so-called royalist establishments that have been imposed on so many people and countries that have been suppressed and dominated by criminals whose huge wealth has over the many years passed allowed them to form what can only be called an elitist mafia; that now runs a large part of the world. In effect this mafia controls most of the world’s governments, the politicians, the police, all the security services, the armed forces and indeed the law itself. Dissenters are persecuted and murdered at will along with anyone else who dares to stand up and expose the sheer evil this ruthless mafia has brought to our world. At the very top of this mafia is British royalty who is intent on retaining their own interests at any cost. Only full exposure and resistance by the people can bring this evil empire down and render it impotent along with all the self-serving fascists that have and do support it.

Indeed, according to many researchers on the subject of British royalty there is much evidence to suggest that the present ‘queen’ has no legal right to that title anyway. If that is true then it follows that the knighthoods, lordships and other titles she has bestowed on her sycophants are in fact worthless and not worth the tin medals or paper they are written on. They are nothing less than a fraud perpetrated on the people who have received them.

Naturally enough the present royalist fakes who occupy Buckingham Palace are doing everything they can to prevent this exposure and as they totally control the mainstream press in Britain nothing has so far been published about it. That being so it is up to us the people to spread it around as far as is possible to try and ensure that everyone who does not have a computer is made fully aware of these monsters who, though living in the United Kingdom, have brought so much havoc and destruction to the planet we all live on today? Maybe we can’t force these royalist fakes out of office but we can certainly laugh them out of it!

Indeed, the wind of democratic change is blowing all over Europe as people in general are totally fed up with their lying psychopathic corrupted fascist politicians their phony democracies and the many other ways that ordinary people’s lives are being shattered almost beyond repair. They have had enough. As the Trends Researcher, Gerald Celente, often remarks; “When people lose everything – they lose it – Period!”

Dr. Les Dove


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