Researchers have been trying hard to pin down the instigators of the vast torture network that is now all but circulating around the entire world. However, as with money laundering, there are so many hidden layers of deceptions it has proven to be all but impossible to prove absolutely just who the guilty instigators are. That being so let’s look at who benefits from these dreadful crimes and who has the means to carry them out.

For many decades the British monarchy has protected its institution through using their security services MI5 and MI6 plus other covert resources to subvert and destroy any other organization that might in any way appear to threaten it. To cover up whatever the security services needed to do to protect their ‘royal’ masters an ‘Official Secrets Act’ was brought into law. That Act was also considered to be a secret so that almost nobody but the security services and the top power brokers could read or understand just what the Act did in fact cover. Therefore anyone could break the Official Secrets Act without even knowing it.

Whatever, the media in Britain became a first target for MI5 simply because anything published by the media could lead to questions being asked that nobody could or wanted to answer, which in turn could lead to more political questions of accountability? Therefore MI5 had offices or agents in every national newspaper in the country from where they could and did prevent reporters and editors from publishing anything that might or could question the legality of anything that might be interpreted as being anti-royalist. This meant that any reporter or editor who did dare to do so quickly lost their job and was unable to find another. Anyone commoner in the public sector who wrote in to a newspaper asking awkward questions was simply ignored, as they still are today, or were otherwise ‘leaned on’ by MI5 agents.

As the Internet came into being with much information becoming instantly available world-wide, MI5 and MI6 adopted more and vastly different measures of control. Politicians in particular became targets in that any politician who actually appeared to be intelligent, truthful and capable of reaching high office would never be allowed into standing for any constituency anywhere. MI5 and their smear departments around the entire country rapidly destroyed the character of anyone who in any way might appear to value true democracy and so seek to bring it into being.

As can be imagined the political classes in Britain where soon composed solely of devout royalists and the upper classes from the top universities whose loyalties were and would always be to the British crown. The British people as a whole never had a real say whatsoever in how their country was being run or what its foreign policies might be? They were simply told to ‘keep their place’ as the security services like to say.

As the Internet expanded and political videos from highly intelligent researchers began to influence billions of viewers worldwide the so-called ‘democracies’ of Britain, France and the United States along with most other countries were soon exposed as being the farce they are and have always been. Naturally enough this soon led to many people crying out for change and a hope for true democracy that would empower not just a very few already very rich influential people but populations at large as they sought to free themselves from the very real and often hidden poverty around them. Indeed that cry for change soon turned into a demand that could not be ignored by any true democracy.

Faced with rebellion the power structure had to make a choice. They could finally admit that their ‘democracies’ were outright phonies designed to fool the populace and maintain the elite power structure or they could free the people from the hidden chains that bind them and allow the world to flourish as never before. Or they could simply add more chains. Fearful that their elite power structure might collapse under the weight of a truly free society the elites chose the latter. However, under threats of acts leading to possible genocides, populations as a whole could quickly arise and bring on the kind of angry rebellion the elitists feared most, as the sheer force of millions of outraged citizens could, as it has so many times in the past, bring down the most powerful of tyrants.

Fortunately for the elitists, their scientists came to their rescue with the development of microwave weapons. Unseen by any human these weapons invade the mind and are capable of rendering anyone incapable of rational thought or actions if need be. They can also disable and easily kill people without leaving a trace. This then was their perfect elitist weapon of defense against popular uprisings that might dethrone fascist monarchies and their supporters wherever they might be.

Even after people have been terrorized and murdered by microwave weapons as they have for over forty years now, when faced with the truth from good alternative news and information that clearly exposes the tyranny and corruption of our governments many people will still loudly proclaim “I don’t care what they say, I don’t believe it!” which is a perfect example of brainwashing and the closed mind that fascism thrives on. These kinds of foolish comments quickly bring a smile to the faces of politicians who are continually reassured that ignorance will prevail and that their lies will continue to be accepted as truth by the idiots making them.

These terrible microwave weapons can now and indeed are being used against people and political dissidents worldwide. They can be used from various locations on the ground or even from aircraft or satellites high above the earth. A huge number of people have already been ‘suicided’ or murdered by being bombarded by directed microwave attacks and the security services have huge lists of further prospective victims. Indeed anyone who has an open mind and in any way opposes the elitists will at some point undoubtedly be placed on those victim lists. For psychopathic fascism makes no exceptions for unbelievers of any kind.

Only the most powerful of countries can afford to use microwave weapons against entire nations, plus their also having the required resources, knowledge, machinery, equipment and operatives trained to target, injure or kill masses of people with obvious impunity. Foremost amongst those countries are the United Kingdom and the United States whose blatant corruption and fascism has supported cruel dictatorships around the world, as they continue to do today in spite of their many political lies to the contrary. This collusion and hypocrisy is being witnessed by anyone who cares to look for it, researchers or not. And it is mainly in these two countries from where many thousands of microwave victims have voiced their complaints and protests against microwave abuse.

American presidents and politicians of high standing, past and present, have received dubious honors and titles from the British monarchy and they have all duly paid homage to Britain’s queen and her fawning syncopates in general. However it is now known that the ’United States’ is in fact simply a ‘Corporation’ and not a collection of independent states as most Americans firmly believe it to be, therefore we can safely assume that the real power structure – the very top of the elitist pyramid resides not in the United States but in the United Kingdom. Therefore it is their present queen Elizabeth, the richest woman in the world, who effectively rules over all beneath her, which at this moment makes her the greatest mass murderer and torturer of all time.

As the latest research into the British monarchy has clearly shown, the British queen and her husband have been up to their necks in sexual outrages of all kinds along with being convicted by the European court of Human Rights of vast crimes against humanity. As of this date and as is usual in Britain not a word of these despicable outrages has appeared in its state media. That being the case it is obvious that Britain is now finally being fully exposed as a murdering fascist dictatorship of the worst kind, and anyone not against it can only be seen as supporting it.
Modern research has also proven that Britain’s present ‘queen’ is nothing but an outright fraud. The real monarch is an elderly British man who now lives in Australia and he has no wish to leave there, bless him, which now leaves the British population to use their lawful rights and make their country into the kind of democracy it should rightfully be. However, being so tightly controlled by fascist forces as it now is the British population starved of real news and information along with a still heavily censored media, needs our help. So do please spread the news and videos from my Torture Report as far and as wide as possible so the entire world population may fully understand what kind of microwave horror is faced by everyone who believes in real freedom and democracy. Only full cooperation in fully exposing the elitist fascist tyrants who use microwave torture and murder will help to bring that freedom about.

Whatever country you may live in today its future and prosperity will depend on getting rid of fascism along with all its evils whither in Britain, America or elsewhere as the past has clearly shown.

Dr. Les Dove

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