Murder by Suicide


6th April 2015

The most recent research has shown that hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are now being maimed, tortured and murdered by having satellite microwave weapons used against them by unscrupulous and tyrannical governments such as the United Kingdom and the United States in particular.

These attacks against humanity are being carried out by psychopathic fascists sitting in front of computers linked to satellites that can target truth telling journalists, other writers and political activists amongst many other targets anywhere on earth. The United Kingdom and the USA have been using these microwave mind weapons against their own citizens for over forty years already, their ultimate aim being to target and control anyone who refuses to support the elitists and their so-called leaders. Voting for any political party in either country that has not openly come out strongly against the use of these terrible microwave weapons gives governments a mandate to continue using them, so stop voting for them now before you and your children are added to their target list? All notable politicians in the UK and the USA know about microwave repression yet not a single one that I know of has had the courage to mention the fact let alone openly come out against them.

There is at present no defense against this tyrannical madness. Targeted victims can and are being subjected to sleep deprivation and intense pain in any part of their bodies. Some victims, particularly women, have acute burning pain in their genitals, whilst other people may suffer from blinding headaches or an intense throbbing pain in their arms or legs. Any part of the body can be affected with mild or intense pain being brought on solely at the discretion of whoever is at the control of the base computers – and there are thousands of them being operated around the clock at the orders of governments who seek to remotely control the entire world and everyone in it.

There are still many people who are completely unaware of how massive microwave warfare is being used against entire populations, mainly because of wide scale censorship in the mainstream media, which has now become little more than government mouthpieces who seeks to hide the fact that fascist governments are going full ahead with their plans to reduce the world’s population by a stated 80%.

Without any knowledge of how microwave weapons are being used a victim may wake up during the night or suddenly one day find a strong pain somewhere in their body that refuses to go away. The usual medications, like aspirin and other painkillers, etc, don’t help and so inevitably they go to a doctor seeking further help, which they may, or not, give. That may include a complete physical check-up, X-Rays and prescriptions for expensive drugs, that can only be used for a very short time – maybe little more than twelve days or so, and which can also bring on terrible side-effects but which will do nothing whatsoever to stop the pain and constant suffering that is caused by directed energy microwave attacks against a person.

Doctors are helpless at trying to prevent pain brought on by microwaves. They can do nothing, I know because I too am a victim. I have been gang stalked and micro-waved since the seventies when I was living in Johannesburg, South Africa and targeted by their State Security (B.O.S.S.) for writing against apartheid.

I believe that my recent articles on the deep corruption of British politics and their criminal royal family were probably the reason for their security services to take this latest action against me. The City of London relies heavily on their queen’s patronage and any criticism of her is deeply resented by freemasons and their own rotten corruption wherever they are to be found. The recent conviction of the British queen and her husband by the European court of Human Rights for human rights abuses and pedophilia (Still unreported by the British state media – including the Guardian.) has brought out the worst in them all.

The result of being subjected to constant pain for twenty-four hours a day quickly reduces victims to a state of dread, fear and sheer helplessness that reduces them to being a mere shell of their former selves. They can concentrate on nothing but the pain they feel and inevitably they consider suicide as their only escape from it. And that is exactly how very many people have chosen to escape the pain they could no longer bare or tolerate. It is indeed murder by suicide.

Some other victims of microwave attacks are suffering exactly the same kind of damage which involves severe pain in the shoulder, back shoulder blade and their forearm. This is occurring on only one side of their bodies either the left or right side. These particular people are also well-known for their research into microwave technology and abuse. They were featured in a recent video interview about Mind Control, Gang Stalking and RFID CHIP IMPLANTS TESTIMONIES from at:

Some electronic specialists are working hard in trying to find a way in which these deadly satellite to brain communications can be disrupted or completely blocked but so far it appears no one has yet done so. We can only hope that somebody somewhere soon will?

Where it not for intense censorship, the list of people suffering and dying from microwave attacks would be daily news in the press worldwide, and this modern holocaust – for that is what it is, would be known to everyone. Unfortunately dumbed-down populations have over the years closed their eyes to the menace of fascism and the elites who thrive off it leaving its leaders strong and powerful enough to commit mass murder, torture and anything else they wish to do without fear of retribution of any kind.

May 1st 2015

My own situation grows worse by the week. Due to continuous pain I suffer much sleep deprivation and loss of appetite. Consequently I have lost a lot of weight and it shows. The British microwave controllers are no doubt delighted at my present condition as they will have been at all the other people they have tortured and murdered over the years. Psychopaths have neither human feelings nor pity for their victims; they simply enjoy the deaths they cause never realizing that they too will one day be disposed of by their own masters who seek to hide their own complicity in the mass murder of people who refused to be their willing fascist slaves.

Jeff Rense; the well-known American alternative radio host recently suffered a serious car ‘accident’ that suspiciously looks like a ‘set-up’ that was intended to kill him. Fortunately he survived, though motor accidents have long been a way that the security services have used as a method of getting rid of political dissidents. I too have had a few of those over the years and been lucky enough to have survived them all, so far. Though had any of them succeeded they would probably have been written down and simply described as being nothing more than fatal ‘accidents’.

Dr. Les Dove


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