THE DIRTY SECRETS of the United Kingdom and the United States.


The very first thing is that you must realize is that the mainstream media, radio, television, newspapers. etc are not there to truly inform you about politics, government, business, etc but to manipulate your mind into believing whatever ‘the state’ wants you to believe. Forget about the so-called ‘free press’ that our western governments often refer to, simply because there is no such thing as a free press in the UK or the USA. Both countries have “official secrets acts’ that prevents any kind of real political truth from ever reaching the general public. All information is manipulated so as to support whatever government officials, of any ‘state’ political party – left or right, want you to believe. (Both parties are owned by the secret government.)

In Britain the Police Special Branch – often referred to as the political police, is overseen by MI5/MI6 who constantly updates them on the activities of anyone who might in any way show an interest or dissent in politics, particularly so if their suspected target may possibly be entering the political arena. The kind of police who work in Special branch are themselves a very different breed of policeman or police women. Vindictive to a fault and practiced liars of the worst kind, once they have targeted someone they will do absolutely anything to convince their superiors that their target is guilty of anything they accuse them of, no matter how outrageous those accusations may be? They will under various pretences even convince the targets former friends to work against him or her and with the help of their many civilian ‘stooges or goons’ continuously try to provoke their targets into physically defending themselves so that they can then be further accused of having a ‘violent’ nature. With further lies Special Branch will also try to ‘frame’ their target into doing anything else that may in any way add to their file against a target. These Special Branch police are indeed sadistic unfeeling psychopaths of the worst kind. They act like mafia thugs guarding ‘their territory’ and being little more than the Queens hit-men they get away with it.

The Royal Family The Richest Most Disgusting Evil People On Earth


On getting information about a ‘suspect’; the Special Branch opens a file on that person, known hereafter as the target, and monitors all their activities until it knows everything about the targets life and interests, political or otherwise. Should their file on their target indicate in any way whatsoever that their target may attempt to change the political system for the better; by making it more truthful or honest for instance, the special branch will begin further actions to make very sure their target will never get into a worthwhile political position.

The political police will go to great lengths to demonize and destroy the life and career of any targets as described above. They will preface any accusation against them by claiming that ‘they are communists’ and using their many assets they will lie, cheat and steal from them at every opportunity. They will also use smear campaigns and have their ‘police goons’ follow discredit and intimidate their ‘targets’ on a daily basis as they constantly spread lies about them in attempts to get the public to ostracize them. Indeed, there is a huge list of the kind of dirty tricks that the police use to destroy the lives of their targets, which may also involve trying to intimidate the targets family to also go against him, or her. Added to all this pressure against the target, microwave weapons will continuously be used to disorientate and deprive any target from any proper sleep or rest.

Today, microwave weapons have and are being used against many thousands of decent people by both police and intelligence agencies the world over. They are the perfect suicide and murder weapon and the UK is one of the foremost countries that are using these terrible microwave weapons against a large portion of its population. Accordingly you should immediately begin to research these deadly weapons now to find out exactly how you may personally be effected by them because they will undoubtedly effect the rest of your entire life. (Watch Barry Trower videos.)

Referring to ‘national security’ as the political police do when persecuting and torturing a target, people generally assume that “national security’ means that the police are protecting everyone in the country, but so far as Special Branch is concerned it does not. To them ‘national security’ means only the Queen, the monarchy and the elites in general. That is the prime reason the special branch was formed, to protect the elitists. The political police couldn’t care less if the rest of the population was killed off tomorrow, their main interest is to protect the Queen and her interests. That British royalty is rotten and corrupt to the core means absolutely nothing to the police Special Branch. As psychopathic fascists, which most special branch police are, they care only about their prime objectives which today has plummeted to depths nobody but George Orwell would ever have imagined just a few short years ago.

Page EU-Parlamentet list of victims

It is the Internet alone that has allowed so much truth to emerge and show us just how corrupt our so-called leaders have become, yet there are still many millions of people without the means to use the Internet to their advantage and so educate themselves as to the real world they live in. However, slowly but surely people everywhere are now slowly catching up to the truth of these rogue police and the political lunatics in the UK government who suppress and hide the truth from them.

Hacking Democracy – The Hack – video

Indeed, that people in general are now waking up to reality is shown by the latest attempts to keep large sections of the population in total ignorance of what their corrupt governments are actually doing. While the American governments keep telling their population that they stand for ‘freedom and democracy’ those same governments have been responsible for the deaths of over twenty million people since the end of the second world war and on 9/11 the fascist government of George W Bush and Dick Cheney, aided by the Jewish state was responsible for the mass murder of thousands of people and the terrorizing of the entire American population. Why havn’t these two American terrorists been arrested and charged for their vast crimes? In addition these same governments have been responsible for overthrowing real democracies all over the world, only to replace them with fascist police states that have in their turn tortured and murdered many millions of more people.

Dr. Judy Wood IRREFUTABLE (HD Full Length) – video
This video proves that the American government of the time was responsible for 9/11!

Britain, whose politicians constantly harp on about ‘democracy and freedom’ have also been secretly persecuting, torturing and murdering political activists for over forty years, events that have been heavily censored, covered up and hidden inside ‘the official secrets act’ – a notorious document that is known by all investigative reporters and researchers yet by almost nobody in the general population, who today remain as ignorant as ever about their totally corrupt and rotten police state. A police state that has now become so concerned about surviving into the future it has directed its police special branch to target anyone anywhere in the country that shows any inclination whatsoever of wanting to see a real political change that may involve removing the massive state political power of the corrupted British Queen and her immediate family.

Richie On Brexit, SAS Murdering British Citizens Abroad & The Tesco Bank Account Hacking Story – video

In some parts of Britain certain right-wing towns in particular go to extreme lengths in trying to make very sure that the entire town thinks and votes the way the Special Branch police want them to in that the police quickly targets anyone with a mind of their own who desires not to vote for the so-called ‘Conservative’ party, which in fact is fascist, but to vote for the Labor party instead. One such town is Harrogate, in North Yorkshire where I lived in the nineties. Menworth Hill, a large American surveillance site is located near to the town and is fully supported by the local council. However, I quickly discovered that the local Labor party was then all but a part of the Special Branch police and the person running that Labor party branch was in fact not only working with and fully supporting the local Special Branch to the extent of him reporting Labor party members to the police he was also actively helping them to persecute people who refused to vote for the so-called Conservatives! Naturally enough very few people in Harrogate had the courage to defy the fear of what might happen to them if they refused to go along with the local ‘mob-rule’ that Special Branch police and their ‘goons’ had created.

EVERYTHING is rigged: Elections, money, health care, taxes and more – video

You can see what does happen to them when you read “The Torture Report”. The local pubs in Harrogate are wired for sound and vision by the police and their goons are in most pubs too, where they quickly shout down anyone who dares to voice a political opinion they dislike. At one point I went to see a local lawyer and made a complaint against the police Special Branch but when I returned to the lawyers office some time later it had been closed down. I also consulted over the phone with a lawyer in London, but the following day when I was away from home all the notes I had made from that conversation was stolen by someone who illegally entered my house. Later on I also traveled to London and tried hard to get a well-known film director to make a documentary about what was happening in the country but I failed to convince both him and a reporter who joined us of the importance of making such a documentary, so unfortunately nothing came of my London visit. Indeed, until the videos of the ex-British agent Dr. Barry Trower were made and shown world-wide over the Internet that the tyranny in Britain became much more obvious. A fact that the tamed British ‘state media’ – including the Guardian, has yet to mention?

The British police Special Branch are doing what the police in all police states do. They seek out and try to destroy intellectuals, good journalists, writers and anyone else who may in any way influence the public in general to take a hard look at their country and find the real truth as to how it is really being run and managed. Simply because the police don’t want the public to know just how rotten and corrupt Britain, its police and political system really is. The security services and the police will literally do anything to prevent the wide exposure of information exposing that they will persecute, torture and murder any number of British citizens both at home and abroad to prevent any chance of them getting a truly honest, democratic and responsive government.

Hypnotherapist Neil Sanders “Film TV & Social Media Are Used To Control How We Think!” – video

The British police-state now describes truthful writers as being ‘terrorists’ and when the British people finally rise-up and try to overthrow the dictators who ruthlessly rule over them, as they surely will one day, the state will call them terrorists too.

The British military in the form of the Special Air Service (SAS) are now attached to and deeply involved with the Police Special Branch and their operations against a dissenting public. For instance; as a part of the operation against political dissidents their homes are entered on a regular basis by SAS operatives and during these illegal entries their property is damaged, their belongings including documents and money is stolen and any electronic devices like computer, televisions etc, are damaged or completely broken or stolen. This is a part of the larger plan to drive dissidents into complete poverty. When these British Nazis are finally brought to justice they will try to excuse their criminality as Nazis of any nationality, always do, by claiming “We were just following orders.”

The British public will find it hard to believe that the military Special Air Service could be used against them in the way I have described, but they must remember that SAS soldiers are no different from the rest of society in that they assume any information given to them by the police is true. That being so they simply accept whatever the police Special Branch tells them and act as they are ordered to without question. However, that they have been deceived does not absolve them from any blame in carrying out criminal acts based on police lies and misinformation nor the torture or murders of British citizens for any reason whatsoever. Their crimes puts them in the same position as any other criminal and being a British soldier does not absolve them from any blame. Nor does their ignorance of the truth when they carry out orders that infringe upon the health and liberties of British subjects. That they are ‘protecting the elites and royalty’ does not give them the right to freely commit criminal acts of any kind against the British population.

Britain’s Secret Widespread Use of Torture

This kind of activity against people who simply think differently puts a very bad slur on the police in general. If any governmental department is overseeing these despicable activities of the police Special Branch, they are either doing a terrible job or they have given those branches a free hand to do anything they want to do without question? This might help to explain why some high-ranking police officers, of all people, are given ‘knighthoods’. A so-called honor that few of them would find hard to resist, as a bribe perhaps for allowing their Special Branches to use despicable illegal methods including torture and other deplorable actions against normal political dissenters?

Dr. Les Dove Cp.H

Stop 007 – video. Another victim of British Torture

New Law Allows UK Gov to Lie in Court – video

Electronic Harassment of Innocent Civilians and the Destruction of Humanity – video

WE ARE BEING FORCED, COOPTED AND TRICKED INTO AN ORWELLIAN FASCIST/NAZI POLICE STATE – EVERYWHERE ON EARTH! – as most ‘News’, ‘Events’ and ‘History’ has been degraded into criminally produced and managed dramas/atrocities (i.e. wars, disasters, civil strife etc.) and criminally presented as infotainment, endogenous socio-political changes, propaganda, and/or criminal lies. And as almost all other public discourses including the ‘scientific’, ‘academic’, and ‘arts/culture’ has been degraded into criminally produced and managed infotainment, propaganda, pseudo-science, and/or specious, tendentious or folkloric productions and discourses.

Yours in the search for openness and respect for universal human rights
John Finch, 5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


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